Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello Again

Truth be told I had pretty much given up on the blog, to no fault of its own really. More just me, I didn't want to put the effort in anymore. That combined with things getting rather hectic in the lead up to my departure to New York, and then settling in once getting here...the blog had no chance really for any of my attention. I also felt that I was really unclear, in my own head, about what I wanted the blog to be, about my vision essentially, and if I really had anything important to add. I just feel like it's all been said and done already. Isn't that such a depressing thought? To be frank I'm not cut out for blogging, it is a fairly big commitment and I think I'm the type of person that very much prefers to read and scroll through other people's blogs rather than create something of my own. Gah that sounds so awful.

Pitiful really, I'm talking about 'effort' when in reality all I was really doing was reposting up shit that I liked.

Anyway, I'm not entirely ready to let this go just yet. If you're up for it please do join me on my journey. I still don't have my 'vision' or 'message', it's not crystal clear. I think I've been holding back and trying to think up something perfect for too long though, it's time just to get started (again).

Have patience with me. :) My goal is to be consistent with content, and with posting.

I'll either be flogging a dead horse or putting my creative inclinations to a more useful avocation.

In the meantime here's a pretty picture that is my current wallpaper.
Photographer: Michael Creagh

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