Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Matchy-matchy II: deep green

I've had this look in mind for a fair while now. It's super easy to recreate - all I used was some black eye pencil, metallic green eyeshadow and a mac paint pot (bare canvas) as a base. Again, I think that it is really nice when there's a certain synergy between your outfit and your make up.

I wanted to keep the make up quite casual, with a lived-in feel so I skipped mascara and lined the bottom waterline quite heavily.

Steps to create the look:
1. Pat a thin layer of eyeshadow primer (I used a Mac paint pot) over your lids. I used my ring finger but you can use a brush if you prefer.
2. Using a black eye pencil colour in your entire lid (up to the socket). It's okay if it is a little messy. The idea is to intensify the green later on.
3. Pat on using a flat e/s brush the metallic e/s and be sure to concentrate the colour on the black shape. Depending on the brand of e/s it may take more or less layers of the colour. The one I used is from The Body Shop and the colour payoff was quite good.
4. Blend out the hard edges with your pinky finger. The idea is to have a round cloud of colour with no hard lines.
5. Using the same black eye pencil as before line your waterline and bottom eye line generously. Using the same e/s brush carefully go over this line with the metallic eyeshadow.

*Tip: do this before your other make up (i.e. base, cheeks etc) as it's quite messy.

A really simple, yet modern, smoky eye look only using three products!

Top: Zara

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

matchy-matchy I: red cap | red lip

Had a go at this matchy-matchy look. I think it's fun to match one element of your make up with one element of your outfit.

cap - dangerfield
blazer - portmans
lipstick - Chanel Rouge Allure 14 Passion

Saturday, September 15, 2012


So I know this meant to be primarily a 'make up' blog but I'm sorry I can't help myself. These are my favourite looks from Daks. I suppose I should be patriotic and talk about Sass&Bide...later ;)

All in all, a lovely collection. Totally wearable, some might feel a little too safe buy hey sometimes you just want to throw something on and not have to think too hard. I love most, the peeks of sheer sleeves and at the neckline - gorgeous little detail. Also really like the contrast between boxy and flowy silhouettes. Nice.

Beauty note: Prim and proper hair = no-brainer (and not complaining!) No-make up-make up is going strong still. Some soft contouring, softly defined brows and thick liquid liner (no flick!) on the upper lid. Clean and beautiful.

All images from Vogue

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Want (I)

Topshop Coatigan.
This would be perfect for NYC. Yeah. I'm heading over end of next month, what the fork?! Still hasn't really sank in yet.