For a long time I was one of those people who really knew where their life was going. I had a 'plan'. It involved university, job, marriage, kids - in that order. This changed last year when I realised I was actually quite unhappy and that I'd been quite numb to these feelings for some time. I soon saw that this 'plan' of mine was for a life of mediocrity. I was afraid to really follow my dreams, I was going for my "second-best" life. Well, enough of mediocrity. To admit that I want to follow my dreams is still a little uncomfortable for me - I guess this should be expected after kidding myself for so long. But, I'm getting there. I have since realised that doing people's make up, designing looks, playing with colours and textures is what I really love. 

This blog will be a personal journal of sorts, detailing my journey as a make-up artist. It really is a creative platform for me, and I want to continue pushing myself in terms of creativity and technique. 

Enjoy, and please feel free to shoot me any questions.


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