Saturday, February 23, 2013

pien-oka | Fay Andrada

How beautiful is this Fay Andrada ring? I think it's perfect. She is a jewelry designer from Brooklyn; all her pieces are so lovely. You can get it here. Need Supply Co. is quickly becoming my favourite online store...

aine | Fashion

Last Thursday was the day of the fashion shoot. I was looking forward to this the MOST. Haha. But now I'm also a little sad because it was the last one.

I wanted a sporty-relaxed chic vibe.

Note, the photos have not been retouched yet.

Make Up - Me
Styling - Me
Hair - Crystal Novotny
Photography - Damian Sandone
© All photos subject to copyright.

Friday, February 15, 2013

shelby | jewelry shoot

Last Friday (of the blizzard!) was the day of my jewelry shoot. Basically we had to create a make up look suitable for a jewelry ad. I worked on gorgeous Shelby - she had such a cute hybrid British/American accent!

Photos not yet retouched.
Photography by Peter Lueders
© All images subject to copyright

open up your ssense(s)

arm cuffs (heck the whole outfit)
glitter plexi heel boot

Now I remember why I forbade myself from visiting online store SSENSE. It just makes me depressed.
Ugh can I be rich already so I can add these two M.M.M. beauties to my wardrobe.

Images from SSSENSE

Friday, February 8, 2013

cheera | yahina

On Tuesday I had my first go at doing make up on a professional model (!!) Her name is Cheera. Get a load of that bone structure. 
I'm very pleased with how the make up and hair turned out. I feel like I could have gone a touch heavier with the eyes to get an even more grungy feel but I like the end result here. Very sex-kitten-ish.

This was the bumped up look:
Then Wednesday it was Siggi's turn to do the make up and my turn for hair. The model Yahina was stunning, to say the least!
And this was Siggi's bumped up look, again with a lip. She used Mac Vegas Volt and an OCC Lip Tar on top, of which I don't know the name sorry!

*Photos have not been retouched as yet.

Photographer: Peter Lueders
© All images subject to copyright.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

inspiration for beauty photo-shoot #2

Tomorrow I have my second beauty photo-shoot coming up.

This is the model I'll be working on...super excited! Apparently she's a mix of Thai-Chinese-Indian. Wow. Jealous, who me? ;)

I'm going for a grungy-rocker sort of vibe, with a slight nod to the 60s. A very lived-in make up sort of look, much like the one seen here on Gemma Arterton (love her), done by Lisa Eldridge (love her more) a while ago.

And because I like to be a total nerd about these things..I made a collage on polyvore.

beauty shoot 2 inspo

I'm excited. It's gonna be hectic but fun. Stay tuned folks!

(Images of Gemma Arterton from here, images of model Cheera here)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Greg Kadel | Fulvia Farolfi | Eniko Mihalik

Vogue Italia May 2011
Images found here.
Make Up Artist: Fulvia Farolfi
Photgrapher: Greg Kadel

I always thought Eniko has such an amazing, interesting face. Sensual and innocent at the same time.
This one example of the kind of work I want to achieve one day.