Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Matchy-matchy II: deep green

I've had this look in mind for a fair while now. It's super easy to recreate - all I used was some black eye pencil, metallic green eyeshadow and a mac paint pot (bare canvas) as a base. Again, I think that it is really nice when there's a certain synergy between your outfit and your make up.

I wanted to keep the make up quite casual, with a lived-in feel so I skipped mascara and lined the bottom waterline quite heavily.

Steps to create the look:
1. Pat a thin layer of eyeshadow primer (I used a Mac paint pot) over your lids. I used my ring finger but you can use a brush if you prefer.
2. Using a black eye pencil colour in your entire lid (up to the socket). It's okay if it is a little messy. The idea is to intensify the green later on.
3. Pat on using a flat e/s brush the metallic e/s and be sure to concentrate the colour on the black shape. Depending on the brand of e/s it may take more or less layers of the colour. The one I used is from The Body Shop and the colour payoff was quite good.
4. Blend out the hard edges with your pinky finger. The idea is to have a round cloud of colour with no hard lines.
5. Using the same black eye pencil as before line your waterline and bottom eye line generously. Using the same e/s brush carefully go over this line with the metallic eyeshadow.

*Tip: do this before your other make up (i.e. base, cheeks etc) as it's quite messy.

A really simple, yet modern, smoky eye look only using three products!

Top: Zara

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