Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The month of May

I don't know about you guys but for me the month of May is always crazy busy. During uni it was when all the assignments had to be done and late mid semesters had to be sat. Now that I'm working it hasn't changed because even though I've settled into the daily routine nicely, there seems to be more and more samples to analyse each day!

Not only that but May contains Labour Day, Mother's Day, brother's birthday, cousin's birthday, my birthday and my Mum's birthday!

Hence a somewhat neglected blog. During the past few week though I was also feeling quite creatively uninspired and I was questioning my ambitions towards make-up artistry. You could say I was avoiding the blog, to be honest, because I was trying to avoid any indications of failure.

Anyway, I'm re-focussed now as to the direction of this blog and hopefully the direction of my ambitions.

Here are some snapshots of the past few weeks.

New grey marl knit from Zipia, and navy shorts from Zipia. I think my order actually arrived at the end of April but I've worn almost all my new stuff haha. I may do a post on Zipia in general later, but as nice as "look at all these new things I bought"-type posts are I don't really want the blog to veer in that direction.

KIMBRA. Sweet baby Jesus she is phenomenal and I can't wait to see her again at Splendor (where I will definitely need to be up the front!) I've never had a girl crush before but she's my first. And probably last.

Goat's cheese souffle I made for Mum for Mother's Day breakfast, and potatoes in corn butter: one of the many amazing morsels eaten at cousin's birthday at Wagaya.
VolcomxPosso head phones! Courtesy of Margaret from Shine by Three. I 'won' them in a giveaway she was holding a few weeks back. Stoked as because I rarely win anything! The sound quality is razor sharp and deeply seductive. A huge thank you Margaret! (they actually arrived three weeks ago but I haven't yet had the chance to say thank you)***
The complimentary carrot and cumin soup. Very cute.
Family dinner last week to celebrate ze birthdays. I wore a dress from Rachel Rachel.
I ordered coq au vin. C'est incroyable. 

I've got some new stuff planned out for the next few weeks so stay tuned!

***I had no idea until recently that Margaret only just turned 19! She is by far the coolest 19 y.o I know of. I only fanatsised about having done as much as she has already at that age. (I'm 22).

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