Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things I love Thursday

(image via A portable package Tim Burton for Vogue)
  • Keira Knightley on the cover of Interview magazine. Um, wow. Recently watched her new film "A Dangerous Method" which I guess I enjoyed but nothing really seemed to happen much in the film. Of course the cast were excellent but in terms of storyline there wasn't really much meat to it. The scenery was however, truly delectable.
  • Going to see The Last Dinosaurs on Tuesday night, and got the album signed by Ryu (Sean)! If you like beachy, eclectic, fun rock then you'll like them. But they are also so much more than that.. Buy their album In a Million Years here
  • Make up artist Lucy Gibson and her insight on the industry and maintaining your integrity. This really rang true with me. Her tumblr is also lovely.
  • Sushi-inspired editorial by Karla Powell. Yes, that's right SUSHI. This is incredible. So clever! My mind kind of exploded when I saw this - a perfect culmination of sushi (omnoms) and make up (stunning). 
  • Amen. Young girls/guys/everyone listen up - "
    I think you should save money and not spend it all on fashion. Is that controversial? Save 10% of what you earn. Always. Pretend you never earned it. Because one day you’re going to want to buy a house to live in, and you can’t do that if you’ve spunked it all on not-so-cheap threads.
    ...Don’t panic buy and treat sales like brain surgery. Be precise, make only considered incisions into your wallet." - Hickville
  • Gala Darling speaking at TEDxCMU. Radical self love.
  • Jil Sander Oxfords. Bright red! 
  • Various recipes for mashed potatoes. I'm going try this one and this one.
  • Audrey's speech.
  • "Graphical. Magical-graphical, emotive make-up" An interview of Alex Box (Illamasqua creator), from Looking Good blog. Part 1, 2, 3. Amazing, incredible woman. 
  • The eponymous Kevyn Aucoin. A handful of his work here.
  • Aaaaaaannnnddd...really excited about SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS. It'll be rough because we're camping, I don't know how that's gonna pan out because I am a little super high maintenance (asthma/eczema/allergies = me). But yeah. Totes looking forward to the whole line up. It's perfect.

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