Saturday, April 7, 2012

Glitter DIY

Ever since I saw these, I just had to have a pair of glittery heels.
I've dressed up a pair of old high heel sandals (I wore these to my formal 5 years ago!).

Here they are, looking very sad, boring and rather lacklustre.

Ta-dahh! Can't wait to wear them out.
I followed a DIY recipe from A Pair and a Spare. If you haven't seen her work, it's chic, clever and downright magical!

All you really need is acrylic glue (or PVA glue), glitter in the colour of your choice, paintbrushes and a spray-on lacquer.

For reference purposes, I used Boyle's PVA acid free glue and Glossy: perfect finishing sealer spray. I bought two bags of 25g of glitter, but only need one of them for both shoes. It was enough for the glue step and for the sprinkling step and there was probably aabout 50-60ml of glue left over from about 100-110ml of glue out of the 250ml bottle.

My next task is to find a pair of pointed pumps and glitter-ise them. Although these are really, really nice too..

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