Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First video: Smoky Eyes - A comparison

Finally! First video is up. Make that videoS. I had to break it up into three parts. Golly. I didn't realise how much I ramble. Although I shouldn't be that surprised seeing as I do take ages to put my make up on - it is something I am working on! I promise not to ramble so much next time as well. Also, you may catch glimpses of my brother, haha, he was helping me film.

  1. part one
  2. part two
  3. part three

Please watch, hope you enjoy it and find it somewhat interesting. Constructive criticism is welcome but hate/trolling will be laughed at/ignored/deleted/reported/all of the above. Let's all be adults here.

Side notes: Looking back now I could've blended a bit more. I also forgot to add mascara. Firstly because I was pressed for time (ended up being long anyway..wtf) and secondly, in real life I don't wear mascara that much. Only on 'special occasions'. This is because my eyelashes are not only puny but weak - they break when remove the mascara, even upon the gentlest touch. I also realise that in some parts it looks like I'm being really rough with my face. It's worse than it looks, trust me. And I don't always pull the skin around my eyes that much, it was just hard to angle the teeny brush properly so you could see and so I could apply it properly. Also next time I will definitely try uploading in HD. #shuttingupnowkthxbye.

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